International Symposium about Mentorship

Hello everyone

On Monday 8th of September, we had an opportunity to participate in the "Transnational Innovative Practice for Mentor Teachers". This was the first edition of the International Symposium about Mentorship and it took place in Antin Ivireanu Library in Ramnicu Valcea.

We were required to present short articles about Mentorship that reflected the experiences we have had with our mentors as volunteers in Rm. Valcea.
The symposium also gave us the opportunity to listen to presentations from professors teaching at local universities and their thoughts on the subject.

Our view on this mater has indeed changed greatly as so much light was shed on the roles of a mentor and how this can help transform a whole society if implemented well.

A mentor can be anyone, a fellow peer or a person with a lot of experience in a certain field. Or merely someone with great wisdom and knowledge on a particular subject or environment.

An example of this would be us as volunteers and how we build each other's weaknesses and create one strong group; for instance in language classes.

We were very honored to participate in the symposium and are very thankful for the invitation.


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International Symposium about Mentorship

International Symposium about Mentorship Hello everyoneOn Monday 8th of September, we had an


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